New Patterns: Else Shawl & North Cowl

There are two new patterns available in my Ravelry Store! Let me show them to you! And what else is going on right now ....

I'm sorry I haven't been posting this year yet! I was playing a lot with my new knitting machine and I also designed two new patterns for you!

They are both made for the still very low temperatures that are here in the northern hemisphere :)

Let me show them to you!

Else Shawl

This is the Else shawl. I designed it for you that just wants it all! This is a very beautiful shawl that is knitted rather quickly and has both lace and cables in its all over pattern.
By using a super bulky yarn (like Drops Andes, that I used for knitting the sample) you don't even have to worry about missing any tiny bit of warmth.

Else is a shallow triangular shawl that is worked from the bottom tip upwards. It gets wider through increases that are done in every row, so it grows by four stiches per two rows.
The pattern comes with charts as well as fully written out instructions.

The final measurements after blocking are 55 x 140 cm / 22 x 56 inches.

I just love the fluffy softness that will hug you and not only warm your neck, shoulders and chest, it will also warm your heart.
That's what my lovely grandma always did, whose name I gave the shawl.

You can find the pattern here.

North Cowl

The second pattern that's now available is the North Cowl. This is a unisex design, so you can make it either for yourself or your husband/ father/ son/ brother/ friend.... ;)

The combination of herringbone stich and a robust 2x2 rib give this cowl a strong and also very handsome look.
North is knitted in the round, in shape of a tube and then joined together using kitchener stich.

This construction combined with a DK or worsted weight merino yarn will give you a super cozy and very warm cowl - made to beat wind and snow!

The finished measurements will be 65 cm / 26 inches in circumference and 20 cm / 8 inches in height. But the pattern is easily adaptable to follow your own wishes of measurements or yarn.  Informations on customization are given at the relevant points in the instructions.

You can find North Cowl here.

I hope you like my new designs and I will see some hearts and projects soon on Ravelry! :)

But what else is new around here? Like I said, of course I was playing a lot with my knitting machine. It's not that easy to find everything out and I have knitted a lot of yarn with it by now! But slowly but surely I get a hang of it.

Look, this is my first test sleeve if you will, for knitting a jacquard fabric.

Pretty, isn't it???

 I am also very pleased with the sleeve increases. I knitted this sleeve in the round. If you're knitting flat and increase on either side of a fabric like the instruction manual says, it results in very ugly and unseamable (in my opinion) loops on the sides. So, I just moved the increases some stiches inside the edge. Tadaa! Nice and tidy ;)

I also managed to keep the strands rather short. As you know that's always a little bit tricky, even when hand knitting.
It just looks so pretty! I can't help it.. :)

This was my first "bigger" testing fabric. Now that I think I have understood the different operation modes and the importance of yarn tension (!), I thought why not try something like this. Try to be a little bit more "advanced" :) There are still some things I'd like to fix when I'll actually knit a garment on the machine, but I am still very satisfied with the result for now.

You may have guessed it, yes it's the same pattern I used for my "Masterpiece" (see here and here, visible only for Rav members) that I am knitting. And I also managed to squeeze in some knitting time for that project too, so there will also be an update on this one soon.

I hope you're all having a good time and I hope we keep seeing/ reading this year as well!


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