Tutorial: How to knit pockets

 Today I want to show you in a little tutorial how easy it is to add pockets to a cardigan (or sweater or dress... :) )

This is the simplest way to add pockets to a knitted garment. And it's also the easiest shape of pockets I am going to use: rectangles.

First you want to decide how wide your pockets are going to be and where you want to place them.
Make them wide enough so can enter them comfortably with your hand. Calculate your preferred width into stiches using your gauge for this garment.
Once you've decided, mark the pocket's place.

I've used four green removable markers on the left and right front.

Now knit two rectangles (that are going to be the inner pockets) with your desired width (same number of stiches that you've marked on the body) and your desired height.
You can use the same color as for the body or use another color, like I did. That's of course absolutely your choice! :)

Now that you're all set, start knitting up to the first pocket marker.

Slip the marked stiches from the body onto a holder.

The yarn is still on the right side where the first marker has been. The marked pocket stiches from the body are all on hold. It should look like the picture to the left.

Take one of the inner pocket rectangles and the yarn that you've used to knit the body and start to knit the stiches from the rectangle.

When you've knitted all the stiches from the rectangle it looks like this.

Now grab the left needle from the body and continue knitting until you've reached the first marker for the other pocket.
Repeat steps 4-6.

When you've finshed the round (or row) both rectangles are now attached to the body.

This is what it looks like from  the front.
The pocket stiches from the body are still on hold.

Next you're going to add some ribbing in the front of the pockets.
Slip the stiches from one holder onto a pair of knitting needles.

Knit as many rows of ribbing as you prefer.
I suggest to use the same kind of ribbing as you've used for the bottom of the body.

Then cast of the ribbing.

All that's left now is sewing the ribbing to the left and right onto the body and sewing the inner pockets to the inside of the body.
You can knit some more rows of the body and do it in a moment or you leave it for the finish, like I am going to do ;)

And that's it! Very easy, isn't it?! :)

Like I said in my last post, I managed to sueeze in some knitting time for this cardigan, so I have the body ready now (up to the point where the sleeves will be joined) and started on the first sleeve.
We'll see how it goes with the multicolored stranding! I am a bit nervous because there are up to four colors in one row. But until now I am confident to figure this out.

I hope you like my tutorial and I'll give you an update on the sleeves soon.
Have a great weekend!


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