Christmas Present WIP - Joining a Sweater for Raglan Shaping

My sweater project can see the finish line by now! :)
In this post I want to show you how you are putting the three parts (body and sleeves) onto one circular needle. This can be a bit confusing, and so I want to explain to you what you should look out for.


WIP-Wednesday: HOW TO use Excel to Calculate Knitting

Today I want to show you how you can use Excel for some calculations you need to make when you are designing or knitting a garment. And of course I'm going to show you the progress of the sweater I am knitting for my man, as well as how you can knit the pattern I use for the sleeves.



A Sweater for my Man - Christmas Present WIP

Soon, it's gonna be Christmas. That means: another new project for me, aaaand it's a BIG one!
A self-designed sweater for my man :)


WIP-Wednesday: Design Experiment

Some time ago, I started a design experiment for myself. It's going to be a cabled sweater but I don't know yet how it's exactly gonna look when it's finished.


How to: Simple knit edging in 3 Steps

In this tutorial I want to show you how I made the knit edging around my Autumn Light Cable Blanket, so you can use this kind of edging for your next project. :)

Autumn Light Cable Blanket

It's done! The twelve week cabled afghan knit-along has come to an end and I finally finished my blanket! Let me show it to you... :)


Lacy Love Cowl

Fall is here and therefore it's official knitting season! :) Ok, actually, for me knitting season is all year round :) But still: Time for some Fall Knitting! Yay! Enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea during the late afternoon when the sun starts going down (days are getting noticeably shorter here in Sweden now) and grabbing your knitting project - relaxing heaven! :)

My latest project is the Lacy Love Cowl, that I want to show you today and as usual, provide you with the pattern :)


BEALIN Infinity Scarf

During the last weekend I was visiting a friend in Berlin. Her name is Beate and she is a digital designer for motion, 3D and screen design. She also designed my logo for this blog.
As a thank you-gift, I made her a special Infinity Scarf to wear during the cold Berlin-winter :)


Summer Project: Amors Arrow Sweater

Today I'm revealing what I've been knitting this summer! :)
The Amors Arrow Sweater! I'm so very happy with this knit! It fits perfectly, it's soft and airy and cozy and so beautiful...


My Favorite Summer Recipes: Currant Special

I got one and a half kilogram of red and black currant this year! :) I'ver never had that much :)
And now I want to share with you my delicious recipes...


How to wind a ball of yarn & my first KAL

I've started attending my first KAL (Knit along) :) And because I'm using skeins of wool, I thought it would be nice to show you how you can wind your own ball of yarn. This is useful for both winding a skein of yarn and sometimes you've got leftover yarn that you want to wind into a nice ball to store it.


Powder Pink Lace Shawl - free pattern

A few days ago I finished this precious powder pink lace shawl! :) I'm so crazy in love with it! <3 When I found the pattern online I instantly wanted to start knitting it. :)
In this post I want to show you how beautiful the shawl turned out, where you can find the pattern and I also want to show you how to graft this shawl together.


My favorite summer recipes: Mint'n'Lemon Iced Tea

Today I've got something very simple and refreshing on hot summer days for you. One of my favorite Iced Tea recipes: The Mint'n' Lemon Iced Tea :)


My favorite summer recipes: Coffee Syrup

Summer is here, and there's nothing better than being outside and enjoy the warm breeze, the sun and some of summer's specials like lots of fruits and different sweets.
This is why I want to start a new series to share my favorite summer recipes with you!
Throughout the summer I will share all kinds of recipes of the things that I make and those I especially like :)

Here we go!
My favorite Summer Recipes Series


Tutorial: Lace Shrug

In my last post I showed you my new lace shrug  and where you can get the free pattern by Kristiina V. to make it. This original pattern only has instructions for knitting the whole shrug the conventional flat way and seam the sleeves afterwards.
I knitted my one seamlessly. And how to do that, I want to show you in this tutorial!

Creamy Cream Lace Shrug

I have a wedding coming up this july, so obviously I need something lacy for the evening chills! :)
And what is better than a seamless lace knitted shrug to wear with a soft summer dress?!
Look at this lacy beauty in cream... <3


Coloring Easter Eggs

I wish you all a very happy Easter!!

This year, I tried some new ways to colorize eggs. If you want to know how, read on! ;)


Knitted Owl - Free Pattern

I'm sure you've seen this knitted owl somewhere on the internet before. And if you're like me and want to know how to do it: I tried some things and today I want to share the pattern with you :)


HOW TO: Hanging Early Flowers

Today, I want to show you how I made my hanging early flowers in the winter garden. If you have a balcony or a porch this is a very nice idea, as well.


Crocheted Spring Wreath

After some days of rain, the sun is finally shining again! :)
Therefore, I've got to show you the crochet spring wreath that's now decorating our front door.


Aubergine Cocoon Sweater

Spring is here! Now the winter coat can be sent back to the closet :) And so, today, I've got some pics of the Aubergine Cocoon Sweater for you, designed by myself :)


Dog Bunny Ears

First of all: I am very sorry I didn't post for some weeks. It's been a little bit crazy around here but now I'm definatly back! :)
Eatser is not far away. If you're looking for something sweet to crochet, I've got something really nice for you:
The Dog Bunny Ears! :)

I've got to say, they're suiting for kids as well. So, it's also a nice Easter crochet for your children ;)


Midnight Blue Button Cowl

Unfortunately it's not yet spring. But that's not too bad, because I finished my Midnight Blue Button Cowl! :)


Cute Sewing Machine Cover

I absolutely didn't like the plastic cover that came with my sewing machine. Therefore, I made my own :) And it combines three of my favorite crafts: knitting, crocheting and sewing.


Smaller Pouf with new Design

Because the first one turned out so great, I wanted to knit another pouf. But this time a smaller one and I wanted to mix things up a little bit and therefore, I included a stripe design. 


GONZALES The Angry Cactus - Free Pattern

Some time ago, I saw something like this while I was browsing around. Now I made my own!
Let me introduce to you: Gonzales the angry cactus! :)


Flowering Christmas Hyacinths

Do you remember my Christmas Hyancinths?

Apparently I was too late for getting them flowering until Christmas. But it is still very very nice to have them flowering and sweet-smelling now in the grey and snowy January weather :)


Felted Clutch - Part 1

First post in 2014: I wish all of you a happy, crafty and really great New Year!! 

Today, I've got a premiere for you: For my birthday my sister gave me felt wool. That's something I haven't tried before. So, I started my first felting project! :)
I got about 200g felt wool in wool white and a 50g light plum left over from that wonderful scarf I made some weeks ago. For felting you can use every yarn that's made from 100% new wool. Don't use yarn that's made partly of synthetic material. That won't work. It's simply not going to felt because the synthetic material is added in order to avoid felting while machine washing the clothing. So, if you're bying clothes in a store it will always have an amount of synthetic material so that you can wash your clothes in the washing machine at home.

Anyway, my decision was made soon: I'm going to felt a Clutch bag!