Oct 6, 2021

News October 2021

Hi, I'm back! :)

Oh wow, this is my first post after maternity leave. As you may know, our little boy became a big brother of twin boys :) We're enjoying every second of this wonderful adventure, and an adventure it is! They are so much fun (and also a lot of work). And with last year's pandemic everything went up and down a lot, so I had to stay on leave a bit longer than initially planned. But now I am back at work again, designing and creating patterns for you. ♥

So, what happened so far in the last month?!

New design: Aruna Shawl

Well, first of all I'm up to my ears in a new design, Aruna Shawl.

It's going to be a lovely crescent shawl for this fall/winter season featuring very rich texture and an eye catching border. 

Right now I'm working on the sample. This is one of my favorit parts of designing. Slowly seeing how it all comes together and the idea you have in your head becomes reality.
And oh do I looove that body texture! It's so beautiful and rich. I like to squeeze it in my hands from time to time. I tried a lot of different kinds of textures for this design until I fell in love with this one. The combination of garter ridges, slip stitches and mini bobbles I'm using for the body of the shawl is just magical.

I have been working on finalising the border chart too. So the sample knit can enter the next stage and I can make sure everything works smoothly. It is a bit of a larger repeat that's going to be worked but I am always striving to give you a great knitting experience as well as a wonderful piece to wear, so I made sure to spilt the border in different charts for you to work from. I've also decided to work with stitchmastery from now on for creating my charts. And it has been wonderful for this one. As with any new software or app, you have to get used to it at first but I found the process relatively straight forward. I'm very happy with my decision on that one.

As there are two different kinds of bobbles used in the Aruna design and I always want you to feel confident when working from my patterns, I want to support you by showing you how to work those bobbles. I myself find seeing a stitch being worked in a video often easier than the long descriptions that follow with that kind of stitch. So I am preparing videos to go with the pattern for you as well. This is a first time for me. And it's very exciting.

I am having so much fun in working on this design so far, so I really hope you all are going to like it just as much as I do!

The Drizzle of Honey Knitwear group on Ravelry

There is now The Drizzle Of Honey Knitwear group now on Ravelry! Finally I came to start that group. This has been on my wishlist for quite some time.


The group is for us all, you and me and everyone is very welcome to join. You can share your WIPs, FOs and thoughts on my designs, chat with others, ask questions. All the Ravelry related news, like patterns releases and test knit calls will be be there from now on too.

Since we're already talking about it, of course soon there will be a test knit for Aruna Shawl of course. I will post a test call in the group as well as on Instagram when the pattern is ready to be tested. The test will then be hosted in my group on Ravelry. I'm really looking forward to that! Test knits are always fun, I love getting your feedback before a release so the pattern can be at its best. And then there's always the reward of seeing all those fabulous FOs!

The group is very new and so far it's naturally a little bit quiet still, but it all takes time to give it a start, so I would be very happy if you hop over and join

Those are the news I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoyed the update and will be around with me on knit-live-journey.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about anything that's new and exciting, follow me on Instagram.


Stefanie ♥

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