Cables, Bobbles and a little bit of lace . . .

I finished the cabled sweater!! :) And it's so pretty, cozy and fits just perfect!

Last week we had some more snow, but that's gone for now. The temperatures are rising slowly, so it is still cold outside. But the crocuses are flowering which is very nice.

This means I still get to wear the beautiful cabled sweater that I made! :)

If you've followed the progress, you know it's been some weeks ago when I started this project.
I used a free Drops pattern that I adapted for the yarn I used and I also changed the measurements a little bit (mainly the length as I am not that tall) to make the sweater more fitting.

And it turned out GREAT!! :)

I am very happy with the result! The sweater fits perfect, yet it is very cozy. The Drops loves you #4 yarn that I used is very soft. It is Aran weight yarn, so I had to adapt the pattern for this yarn as well because the original pattern is designed for using a super bulky yarn.

I added a little diamond (like the ones on the front but smaller) on both upper arms. This is a sweet detail, I like it very much. And it gives the whole sweater a more unique feeling.

Although, I did not use the super bulky yarn that this sweater was designed for, it knitted up rather quickly in my opinion. I could actually really see it growing, even when I just had a little time to squeeze in some knitting on some days. That was very nice for a change. ;)

I also love the back part, even though it's simple stockinette. But somehow it always gives an elegant and feminine look.

What I love the most is the combination of everything in this sweater: the cables, the bobbles and a touch of lace in the diamond shapes. This isn't only eye candy, but also fun to knit.

But you know, once one project is finished, you already lay eyes on the next project to come... :)

While I'm happily wearing my gorgeous sweater during those last colder days right now, the time has come to think about my next (very big) project: a self designed summer lace dress! :) I am already excited! We'll see how this goes... ;)

I hope you are already enjoying the first warm rays of sunshine. Have a great week!


You can find all the WIP posts from making this sweater and the changes I've made to the original pattern here:

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And like all my projects, you can also find this project on Ravelry. (to find all changes in one place)

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