Project Summer Dress . . .

Spring is here! :) And this years spring project is making myself a cute summer dress! :) I am very excited about this project! I have begun to make up my mind how I want it to look like. 
A few months ago I made the decision to knit a summer dress this year. So, I started a pinterest board to gather some inspiration. This board became my most popular one, which makes me happy, because I guess I am not alone with that nice dream or vision to knit yourself a summer dress :)

In the end of last year my LYS unfortunately closed, but I got some yarn on sale this way. One of  these yarns I want to use for my summer dress project. 

So, this is the yarn I'm intending to use: Drops Cotton Viscose. As the name already says, it is a blend of cotton and viscose. This makes a nice and shimmery summer yarn. 
It is a sport weight yarn (110 m/50 g) in color 02 beige. I am going to use 3mm needles for this project, which gives me a gauge of 24sts and 30 rows.

So, now I want to share with you some of my first thoughts for this project. (all of the pictures are taken from the pins on my summer dress pin board)

In the beginning there was this adorably cute dress:

When I saw this one some time last fall, this was when I decided I want to make a dress for myself! First, I wanted to make a crochet dress because of all the beautiful dresses and their pretty patterns on pinterest. (and of course because of this beauty to the left ;) )   

Now, that I am thinking a bit more of designing the dress, the first question is of course what kind of overall shape the dress should have. 
Very fitted or rather loose, more of an A-shape, how short should it be, sleeves or no sleeves?!?

After starting this thinking process, the dress above was too short for my taste. Although I like the shape. But no long sleeve for me, please! 

Next, I got a little hung up on this dress to the left. A-shape with short sleeves. 

But, the longer I looked at it, I didn't like it that much anymore... I really like the layers in the skirt but I no longer like the sleeves.

So, I am going for a sleeveless or very short sleeved version. (do you say short sleeved?! that sounds funny... a version with very short sleeves, you know what I mean! :) )

I also decided that I want to have a more fitted shape, no A-line. I also kind of like the idea of adding some draping at the sides or layering the skirt. That's not definite yet, though... But certainly not both! ;)

I also think a little above the knee (like this one on the left) is a good length, not too short and not too long either. Also, if it's too short, I could only wear the dress when it's very hot outside, which is not that long here in Sweden ;) 

This one here made me also think about a v-shaped neckline. But I discarded this idea very soon. With a v-neck I think you have to have short sleeves. (otherwise too much skin or alternatively a very small v-neck...)
And I'd rather have no sleeves than a v-neck. A v-neck makes it less casual as well, in my opinion. Also very nice to have a more elegant and lady like designed dress, but this time it's simply not what I'm going for.

Over time, this one on the left became kind of my favorite of the ones on the pin board. 

It has rather vertical pattern panels than horizontal ones, like most dresses. That's something I like. It has a good length, no sleeves, nice shape... and it's not white. 
(I didn't want a white dress from the beginning)
Also, it's casual but still can be more elegant by adding some accessories. That's something I would like to accomplish as well.

I am not going to make a dress exactly like this one but that's my best inspiration so far. 

And I think you already caught up on this: I want to knit my dress, not crochet. It's a rather big project. And although I really like the looks of crochet dresses, I just like knitting better...

So, the process is definately started! Right now, I am still busy knitting the last sample for my upcoming fall collection. But I'll start to design the dress while I am still working with testknitting, pattern writing and so on for the collection. (the spring sun just makes me want to work with the light summer yarn! :) ) I am very looking forward to this! :) 
I hope you like my plans for the dress and will follow the progress! :) 

Have a wonderful and sunny week everyone!

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