WIP-Wednesday: Cabled Sweater - Sleeves

The sun is out a little bit more often now! So, I could take the first pictures outside :)
I finished the neck and the sleeves of the cabled sweater that I am doing. In this post I want to give you the instructions for that (or rather the changes I've made for the finer yarn that I am using).

This is the big turtle neck that took almost 2 entire balls of yarn!

This part wasn't that hard. I picked up 90 sts around the neck (some of which were on hold) and started ribbing (k3, p3).
After 10cm I increased to k4, p3 and after 20cm to k5, p3.
This is just what the original instructions say.
Although I bound off after 22-23cm because I ran out of yarn and didn't want to start another ball. And in my opinion this was a good decision, the neck really is long enough like this. And to be honest: those 2 or 3cm wouldn't have changed anything, it's not that much.

Well, all that's left now is seaming the sides and attaching the sleeves.
I am already excited to wear the sweater for the first time! :)

As you can see, I added a little diamond shape on the sleeves to make it more interesting. (maybe because I was a little bit bored from knitting all the stockinette from the back part and the sleeves ;) )

But I think it's a pretty little detail. I definately like it!

Here is a bigger picture of the diamond detail:

And here are the changed sleeve instructions:

With 4mm needle, CO 32 sts.
1 edge stich, repeat k3, p3, 1 edge stich.
Repeat for 12 cm. Change to 5mm needle and continue in stockinette.
In the first row of stockinette, decrease by 3 sts evenly. (=29sts)
After 14 cm kfb at beginning and end of row. (adding 2 sts in this row)
Repeat every 4 cm 8 times total. (=45sts)

After about 40cm, I started incorporating the diamond in the middle of the sleeve. (see chart below)

Shoulder shaping:
After 47 cm bind off 6 sts at beginning of row. Repeat for next row.
Then bind off 3 sts at beginning of following row. Repeat for next row.
Now decrease 1 st at beginning and end of every row until sleeve measures 54cm.
Then bind of 6 sts on both sides of the next row. Bind off remaining sts when sleeves measures 56 cm.

Hopefully, I can seam everything until the weekend :)

Have a nice week everyone!!


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