Christmas Presents And The New Year

Hej everyone! I hope you're all still full from all the food from the Christmas holidays! I know I am! :) Today I want to show you some knitted Christmas presents I made and also what a really cool gift I gave myself this year!


Tutorial: Italian Tubular Cast on

Today I'm going to show you my current project that I am working on (besides some Christmas gifts of course :) ) and I will also give you a photo tutorial on the absolutely great Italian Tubular Cast On!


GIANT Antares

I am so excited! Because today I want to offer you all a free additional size for the Antares Shawl.
I knitted a very classic version of this pattern which I really love and would like to share with you.


14 Sweaters to knit this Winter!


Fall has arrived and it's time to decide what sweater to knit for the colder days that are coming!
I have browsed around through all the new patterns this year and picked some beautiful ones for your inspiration.


WIP-Wednesday: How to join sleeves and body

WIP-update summer project: The sleeves are ready and I've already joined them to the body as well.
Now I want to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can do that if you're knitting a garment in one-piece construction from the bottom up.


WIP-Wednesday: Summer Knit Cardi

It's summer which means vacation time, so it's become a little bit quiet in the bloggosphere. But today I want to show you what I am knitting over summer time this year.


Project Summer Dress . . .

Spring is here! :) And this years spring project is making myself a cute summer dress! :) I am very excited about this project! I have begun to make up my mind how I want it to look like. 


WIP-Wednesday: Cabled Sweater - Sleeves

The sun is out a little bit more often now! So, I could take the first pictures outside :)
I finished the neck and the sleeves of the cabled sweater that I am doing. In this post I want to give you the instructions for that (or rather the changes I've made for the finer yarn that I am using).


Fern Lace Shawl

This is going to be the last one of my "Christmas present"-posts. But I still want to show this shawl to you because this was the present for my mom! (And I'm still in winter mode because we have so much snow! :) )


Asymmetric Alpaca Shawl

I'm happy to show you this absolutely beautiful asymmetric alpaca shawl that I made as a Christmas present for my grandma.


Vintersol - Sweater for my man :)

It's been a while... the new year has come. First, I want to wish you all a happy and healthy 2015!! :) I hope you had some quiet time over the holidays, a nice New Year's Eve of course, as well as a lovely start with this first week in january.

The days were busy before Christmas, a lot had to be prepared and organized and I also knitted some gifts for loved ones that I want to show you in the upcoming posts. Because, finally, I CAN show them to you! :) (it wouldn't have been a surprise if I had put them up on the blog before...)

I want to start with my favorite one and also my biggest Christmas project: the Vintersol Men Sweater! :)